In order for me to truly understand COPD, of course I trawled the sites, both out of panic (and as a learned lesson, please don’t do that…) and to better educate myself.

Being in the UK, one of the first, very helpful sites I came across was the British Lung Foundation, the only UK charity looking after the nation’s lungs.

They give you information about the condition, video’s, guides and even a helpline open from Monday to Friday 9am to 5-m. And a web community where you can speak to other people like you! And even stories or other blog posts like this  which can make you laugh, get the empathy and feel that there really is a community!

Another great site is COPD foundation, where I actually discovered breathing techniques and used their COPD facts and statistics just to understand how this disease is more ‘common’ than we think.

Healthline is handy just to grasp what it means and what you can expect in terms of how healthy your life can be, treatments, medications and diet recommendations. Though I would caution that when you review outlook and life expectancy, do not enter the ‘google syndrome’ world where you panic and think you’re going to have a short-lived life. I did that and I cried my eyes out for a couple of days, wrought by fear and sadness.

Yes, COPD is irreversible and there is no cure (as yet), but YOU CAN prevent it from getting worst if you take the right steps to nurture yourself and seek the advice of professional help. Hopefully my blog posts, the information and practical tips provided by these communities are there to do that job. To help you.

If you have any suggestions and think a site should be listed for your fellow COPD sufferers, please do reach out to me :).