For COPD, Bronchiectasis Asthma or Respiratory sufferers


January 2017


With Chinese ethnicity, being brought up and exposed to Eastern healing traditions, I was always aware of holistic, natural therapies and their benefits. I suppose the ‘western’ side of me meant I never really took an interest in it until recently. Which is ironic because the philosophy and core tenets of Chinese or Japanese healing is all about prevention, not waiting until something is wrong to cure it. However, this DOES NOT disregard modern/western science or what cures and doctors can do for us. If I’m truly to embrace that philosophy, it is all about balance. I was inspired by a family friend who was a Chinese doctor but practices both eastern and western medicine. He was trained in both.

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Breathing Techniques for COPD

Breathing techniques? you ask. I know. Sounds nuts. Isn’t it just breathing in and breathing out. Simple.

No. Not simple. Did you know 80-90% of the population are ‘mouth breathers’ and thereby breathing the wrong way? It should actually be in through the nose and out through the mouth. The link below will explain this.

People will learn some specific things they can do to help breathing, it won’t change their lung function, but it is designed to help them cope and make the best of it.

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Salt therapy

Recommending holistic therapy always carries the risk of sounding like a hippy-happy, up in the clouds kind of person. But when you suffer a chronic disease, you’ll try anything just to breath normally and feel better.

And let me tell you, in the last 8 months, since I moved home and invested in these types of things, I have made significant improvement. I bought several things, a Himalayan Salt Lamp, the Saltair Purifier, a HEPA filter air purifier and an aromatherapy diffuser.

This may sound OTT…but I’ll tell you about each of them in turn. First let’s address the issue of indoor air pollution. Less attention is paid to this because emphasis is on outdoor air pollution. If you’re asthmatic or have COPD, your airways are much more sensitive (and prone) to the particles in the air. Indoor pollutants, such as dust, chemical cleaners etc can trigger a serious attack. This does not mean you have to become a Dust Annihilator or Kim and Aggy.

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See to it

I mean literally that. When it comes to health, the first thing one must do is not to ignore instincts and the feeling of something wrong, even if it seems small. You must see to it.

I did not see to it and that led to 11 hospitalisations over 1.5 years from 2014 and an irreversible disease. I’d collapsed at work. I couldn’t breath and I was taking a million medications per day and nebulizing 5 times a day just to feel okay, but not even alive, like any human should. It took all of those things to happen and to be on death’s door (air pollution is linked to cause 40,000 UK deaths), until I finally realised something major had to change.

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