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May 2017

Top exercises for lung disease sufferers

I appreciate that the last thing one who suffers a chronic disease, wants to do, is to engage in anything that gets them out of breath.

And there’s a big ‘BUT’ coming… which is the reason why this could be dangerous to do so. In a previous post I’ve written before on breathing , it explores the idea that, if you don’t exercise,  your muscles will weaken and in turn requires more oxygen, putting more pressure on your body.

Overall, NOT exercising can weaken your immune system and ability to remain strong, agile and flexible as well as having less control over your breathing.

Coming from a person who was very active prior to my symptoms and initial diagnosis, I found it hard to adjust and find a good balance for what ideal exercise was. I was either all or nothing. In the beginning,  I was scared to even do anything and as a result of anxiety, I halted all activities. This wasn’t healthy either and it meant I didn’t have an outlet to rid of stress or toxins, so I was in horrid place.

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Red date benefits for lung disease sufferers

A date away from better immunity!

Since my discharge from hospital last month, I’ve been lucky enough to have Chinese relatives that will go to the ends of the earth for me.

What they have kindly done, is introduce me to even more of the finest Hong Kong has to offer, in terms of superfoods and natural well-being.

One of the main things I have been consuming are Red dates. The Chinese call them the ‘King of Nuts’ and are typically used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

And I’m not surprised, as they’re thought to have 80 x higher levels of Vitamin C than, say apples! They are also great for people suffering or recovering from health conditions and boosting immunity.

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