Three weeks ago, my second cousin, Mike To, based in Liverpool reached out to me and I was blown away by his message.

He was moved and inspired by my video here which I’d posted on social media in an effort to raise awareness on COPD and its effects. And he thanked me for doing so, as well as telling me that he wanted to do a bike ride to raise funds for British Lung Foundation (BLF).

Incredibly, he is training hard to do the cycle in time for World COPD Day, 15th November. And he will cycle from Liverpool to Manchester, which is 40 miles!

For me, this is very personal and I am moved by his generosity, kindness and motivation to do such a thing.

It is equally rewarding to make waves and know that I have been able to raise awareness at some level and especially when it comes to family. If it can improve their knowledge, inspire them to be healthier and take more care (Mike mentioned he is an ex-smoker) then it is definitely a result.

His target is to raise £500 and I’ll be pleased if we can make this but I am calling on all friends, family, colleagues and others to help support him and smash this!  He is training very hard every day and doing this for all COPD sufferers and to raise vital funds for BLF, which goes to research,  finding new treatments and cures.

Please take 5 minutes to read his story and donate funds here.

BLF Infographic.png

Additionally, if you want to find out more about COPD and its effects/treatments, you can explore this site and visit our Facebook Page.