When it comes to coping with a chronic condition, TRUST me, I know what it’s like to feel like giving up and turning into a piece of jelly.

Sometimes, you just have really bad days, where either you want a superhero to come along and save you (preferably in the form of Chris Hemsworth ;))  or a miracle to happen. Yet, if you’ve followed my story (check it out featured on Sunday Mirror, Real People and Network Health Digest), or blog pieces, you’ll know that I have a Buddhist mindset. Meaning- don’t react to it or become a passive bystander. Whatever you can control, you can do so with mental strength to overcome a bad situation or learn from it. Otherwise, if you literally do nothing, you will become nothing.

Besides, there’s always the rewarding/ self-actualisation feeling that comes from the link between effort and reward. Who wants to be handed something on a plate for doing nothing? It’s not a nice feeling that way.

“So tell me Kim, what is it I must do, in order to overcome or help my chronic respiratory/ COPD problem?”

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