Life can be tough, huh? Healthy and privileged people can still feel unhappy (and entitled to) or encounter things/events that are life-changing, hungry for understanding the meaning of life. Unhealthy or underprivileged e.g less well-off, an ethnic minority, disabled, ill, in poverty etc- the obstacles just got harder.

But yet, there’s still a strength in human-beings that I’m in complete awe of. Top reasons to keep going below. As you can imagine, I’ve been on a reading marathon lately (unsurprising), given the ‘existential crisis’, depression and events I had gone through. I am not afraid to admit this because I learned from my workplace just how common depression can be (1 in 3)- and from my condition, knew there was a chance of this anyway.

So self-discovery and ‘answers’ are always something I’m exploring. But not just as a result of crisis. Out of interest too. Human pyschology fascinates me. Anyway, here’s me writing paragraphs and paragraphs, when I wanted the purpose of this blog piece to be a digestible, bite-sized listicle haha.

It is to inspire you, to motivate you and to remind you- not all is lost. Some of it is my own thinking, others from my memory and collection of other amazing authors (but too many to count), so I hope I’m not plagiarising, but if you recognise it already, it might be because you too have also read the book or come across similar quotes! And reminder here, that nothing is ever really original (otherwise, how else would you learn?? ;)) but, what’s important is that it’s about your nuance, stamp on it and interpretation.

And speaking of- I have also recommended some amazing books that you will not regret spending a penny on! So here goes:

  1. Extreme pain or illness makes you acutely aware of two things: mortality and beauty. So appreciate life, all the small and big things. Live every day as if it were your last day. Family, friends, a cup of tea, your little dog (or cat or lizard or whatever), a nice warm bed, the last piece of chocolate you had, running water, your mentor, nicely decorated nails! Whatever, be creative and notice everything and anything 😉
  2. Contrast is important: Everything is yin/yang. You need both feminine and masculine energy. Or light and dark. So that you can appreciate both. Batteries have two sides, the sun and moon shine in their own time, ups are not really ups if you don’t know downs, rainbows only exist because of rain, Accept all your beauties AND accept all your ‘flaws’. You need both.
  3. Imagine how you’d be if the bad things didn’t happen in your life. YAWN. A straight line with no squiggles. That is not art. Your last relationship didn’t work because you haven’t met your King or Queen yet. You got fired from your job because you were meant to discover unused skills about yourself and launch into a more awesome career. You got diagnosed with something that seems awful but is really just the universe saying ‘I know you can handle this’ and makes you more ‘human’, kind and compassionate (or become a blog-writer with a story to tell ;)).
  4. Love isn’t meant to be easy. But it is meant to be deep, special, unique and exclusive. Otherwise love isn’t really love. I have people who love me unconditionally and this is AMAZING. But not everyone does and some have rejected me, but that’s okay, because if everyone loved you in the way you wanted, it’s not contrast. And it’s not special anymore. Only certain people are meant for other certain people. Alignment and meant-to-be type thing. Always remember that.
  5. You are unique. Every part of your DNA says so. Own it and don’t be afraid to embrace that. Societal constructs are just that. Constructs. So build your own story and narrative and be who you wanna be.
  6. Sometimes there isn’t an answer or a lesson. This can either be comforting or a bit hard to digest. But people are constantly told, what is the lesson? As if reprimanding you or that you have some karmic debt to pay. You can spend a life-time searching for the answer, ruminating and stressing over it. But you’re best spending the energy in a more positive, living life to the best you can. I think it’s important to learn and discover though, so remain curious.
  7. There’s no right or wrong. You can be guided, read or research a million things that say go in that direction, BUT if your intuition or gut does not like it and it doesn’t fit your story or fill you with joy etc, then go other direction (unless you plan on being a mass murderer or some sort of evil- don’t do that). Things that exist right now will likely will disputed or changed in 1000 years from now. Good things and miracles are possible.
  8. Walking through 10 rings of hellfire means you can walk through 100. And at the same time, carry water (be that advice, unconditional love, perspective, experience or actual water) for those going through Ring 1. Scathed, burned, scarred and tormented you may be, but you still survived. And stronger than ever. With stories to tell. You were built for strength. And can help others too.
  9. Every day is a new beginning. Cliche’ but true. Don’t let yesterday’s or tomorrow’s worries, problems or anxieties rule your day. Make it happy where you can every day. Like I said, the little joys- a walk, a cup of tea, reading,  yoga’ing, exercising, writing, painting, singing, dancing, presenting, creating. Whatever floats your boat.
  10. Change giving up to getting up and keep going. Get up for your son, daughter, mother, father, partner, dog, grandma. For whoever or whatever brings you joy. Depression can rob you of this and make you forget all the good things in life. But even the smallest things in cumulative effect and bigger picture view can be the reason you don’t give up. Remember a hump (or mountain;))  in the immediate road in front of you doesn’t mean there’s humps all along the way.

And there we have it, 10 good reasons to keep going. Book list will be updated and added to post soon, as it’s 7am in the morning here and I just had this urge to write, but keen to post and share pearls of wisdom 🙂